Amber Michael.

an award-winning professional makeup artist, painter, and PUBLISHED photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia.

With over 10 years experience AS A MAKEUP ARTIST, she specializes in Special Effects, Bodypainting and HD Beauty makeup application. Amber creates work for film, TV, music videos, commercials, theatrical productions, photo shoots, live events and more. She has worked with many high-profile clients from Celebrities, CEOs, to President Bill Clinton.

WITH AN EXTENSIVE ART BACKGROUND, AMBER IS EXTREMELY CREATIVE, AND WILL BE AN ASSET TO YOUR NEXT PROJECT. As a Special Effects Makeup Artist, SHE SCULPTS, molds and casts all of HER prosthetic pieces. SHE CREATES all of HER OWN fabrication work including headpieces and costume pieces.  she ALSO WORKED MANY YEARS AS the Creative Director, Show Coordinator and Supervising Makeup Artist for a  prestigious, nationally recognized haunted house, now in its 30th+ year of operation.  (References available upon request)

Voyage ATL Interview // NPR Interview // film reel // resume


Professional results every time.



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